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Automated prototyping service for characterising gene regulation

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UK company offers a rapid, automated assay service to characterise causality and expression dynamics in gene regulation. The company prototypes custom gene regulatory networks (GRNs) in a novel in vitro system avoiding conventional cloning, allowing increased speed, accuracy, reproducibility and throughput. They are seeking companies working in antibacterial drug discovery, microbiome research, drug delivery using bacterial vectors,synthetic biotics for service or technical cooperation agreement


The understanding of gene regulation and expression involves cloning into cells, which is time-consuming, error-prone, and has low throughput. Dissecting GRNs is consistently challenging due to cellular complexity and poor control of the model system, making it hard to distinguish cause from effect and fully capture the temporal changes in gene expression.

This UK company has developed a novel service via which life scientists are able to accelerate the rate at which they obtain detailed understanding of gene regulation and disease mechanisms. The company has simplified the process of outsourcing biological experimentation, freeing staff from time-consuming bench work. The automation involved also allows scale-up beyond in house capabilities.

The platform is based on rapid reconstitution of biological components with tight control of reaction parameters and real time monitoring of expression output, to enable visualisation of the expression dynamics of transcription factors and their target promoters. The versatility of the in vitro model system permits clients to explore diverse gene regulatory network (GRN) structures for given TFs and their targets, assign causality to a given expression output, and dissect the temporal dynamics and behaviour of GRNs, all with high precision.

They are interested in partnering with SMEs and larger companies in the life sciences. Academics may also find their service useful.

The normal business areas would be:
* Antibacterial drug discovery
* Microbiome research
* Drug delivery using bacterial vectors.
* Synthetic biotics
* Industrial biotechnology firms doing strain optimisation to produce high-value chemicals.

For virtual biotechnology companies and bioinformaticians, the company can validate their results without them requiring a lab.

They are seeking partners to use the process to accelerate the rate at which they obtain detailed understanding of gene regulation and disease mechanisms, via service agreements or technical cooperation agreement.

Innovative Aspects and Main offer advantages

The Company can offer clients the opportunity to:
* Quickly generate evidence of gene regulation for specific transcription factors to confirm hypotheses or previous findings
* Identify novel gene regulatory mechanisms by exploring combinatorial interactions between transcription factors and target genes and their effects on expression dynamics
* Accurately determine cause and effect between transcription factors and the expression of target genes
* Gain deeper understanding of gene network behaviour from in vivo experiments by integrating them with the Company's datasets
* Prioritise designs of synthetic gene networks for in vivo implementation by rapid prototyping on the automated platform

The company's service permits up to 20 times as many cycles of investigation in the time it takes to do a single cell-based assay, with up to 50 times higher throughput.

Other advantages include:
* Speed. The process is swift, using a simplified in vitro system to permit rapid experimentation and data generation
* Accuracy. The model system enables precise temporal perturbations and measurements of network dynamics.
* Scalability. The system is reproducible with state-of-the-art lab robots for every stage throughput.
* Convenience. No hands-on lab time and no shipping of reagents or materials.

Development phase

Already on the market

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Collaboration Type

Services agreement

Specific area of activity of the partner

Type: Industry or academic

Activity of partner:
* Antibacterial drug discovery
* Microbiome research
* Drug delivery (bacterial vectors)
* Synthetic biotics
* Industrial biotechnology firms working in strain optimisation to produce high-value chemicals.

Specific role of partner sought: Utilise the process to expedite their research into gene regulation and disease mechanisms via a service or technical cooperation agreement.

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