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Surface plasmon resonance sensor system

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A South Korean research institute is offering expertise technology in surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor system to the partners. The organisation is specialised in food sector. The company offers license agreement and commercialisation agreement with technical assistance and research cooperation agreement. Sought partners are familiar with SPR and are working on biosensors.


A Korean institute has developed the surface plasmon resonance sensor system. The surface Plasmon resonance is known as the surface electromagnetic wave progressed along the boundary of the metal and other dielectric substances.

Generally, surface plasmon resonance system is used to analyze the biological or the chemical change of sample using the resonance absorption toward the incident light of the surface plasmon existing in the metal surface with the sensing.

The technology is offered by the institute is regarding the surface plasmon resonance sensor system which is able to raise the efficiency and performance of the sensor by using the collimated light with uniform distribution of luminous intensity.

The company is looking for partners in industry or research organisation. Partner should have experiences in surface plasmon resonance sensor system. The final purpose of this technological cooperation is on either research cooperation agreement, license agreement or commercialise the technology into product and target the market or both can be conducted.

Innovative Aspects and Main offer advantages

The Institute offers technology and its manufacturing method which is:
-Made up of the sensor unit, the optical source unit, and the detection unit
-Able to perform efficient and elaborate surface Plasmon resonance (SPR) sensing
-Able to calculate the sensing result on a real time basis
-Able to prevent the distortion of the spectrum by using the collimated light with uniform distribution of luminous intensity
-Able to analyze the resonance angle and improve the detecting of the resolvability
-Able to enhance the resolution of the resonance angle
-Able to sense some channels at the same time since the sensing is performed in the form of the linear light (line-type light)
The technology may be applied to the bio-sensors like: quality assuring device of the agricultural products; disease detecting sensor; and water and sewage managing device.

Development phase

Proposal under development

Industrial Property Rights comments

patents granted in Korea

Collaboration Type

License Agreement

Specific area of activity of the partner

Type of partner sought
- SME, larger company, research organization, universities
Specific area of activity of partner
- bio-chemistry technology
Tasks to be performed by the partner sought
- Cooperation on further product development and the partner should have facilities for the production.
The partner sought will apply the surface plasmon resonance system with technology developed by the Korean institute, and provide the Korean institute with market feedback for improvement.

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