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Eurostars project: Smart IT platform for profiling digital forensics crimes.

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A Swiss consortium (university and SME) is preparing a Eurostars proposal. The aim of the project is to develop new technologies in the field of digital intelligence and investigations, and in particular for technologies for digital forensics crimes.The consortium is looking for a R&D performing SME specialized in developing innovative technologies in the field of digital intelligence and investigations for what concern cyber crimes analysis, information profile, and user pattern recognition.


Digital economy is uniquely dependent on the Internet, and cyber crime is one of the main threats to the integrity and availability of data and systems. We need to better protect our information assets from several different and resilient attacks. Today cybercrime are ubiquitous (pedo-pornography, identity theft, digital data espionage, terrorism and cyber terrorism, etc.), they are everywhere and collide with any person or organization using one or more internet-enabled devices.
For that reason the importance of social security requires new tools that exploit experiences belonging to digital intelligence and investigations environments.
The objective of the project is to develop a smart IT platform for profiling digital forensics crimes. The platform will be composed of different interoperable modules: open sources data acquisition, data classification, knowledge base systems for user profiling, integration and custom artificial intelligence rules, and user assisted target profile generation.
The consortium is actually composed of two partners from Switzerland, a university of applied sciences and a local SME.

The expertise of the already existing consortium includes analysis, design and development of :
• Cybercrime incident response
• Digital forensics applications
• Digital intelligence and investigation techniques
• Algorithms for data extraction and classification
• Human behaviour analysis

The Swiss consortium is looking to involve partners from EUROSTARS-EUREKA countries compatible with a legal form as R&D performing SME. The partners should have experience in digital intelligence, investigation, and security.
Also, the partners requires experience in development technologies for fighting cyber crime, especially on issues related to social engineering, cyber security, and user profiling, and should be able to perform a cyber crime prediction for companies and local education agencies (LEA's) that want to reduce the cyber risks by performing a good level of cyber crime analysis.

Further required expertise should deal with:
• Knowledge management system
• Data interoperability and integration
• Data open sources intelligence acquisition and management
• Artificial Intelligence

The project duration will be 32 months. The project will be conducted in two stages.

The consortium is looking for collaboration with partners from EUREKA-EUROSTARS member countries different from Switzerland.

Eurostars supports international innovative projects led by R&D-performing SMEs.

The call deadline is March 2nd, 2017. Call for expressions of interest open until February 14th, 2017.

Innovative Aspects and Main offer advantages

Benefit and Advantages:
The development of the smart platform that will allow:
- LEA’s to monitoring and preventing crimes, cybercrimes, and terrorism attacks.
- Society as individual, institutions, communities to be more safe.

The project will enable the consortium to develop a smart IT platform for cybercrime for preventing potential crimes, cybercrimes, and terrorism by integrating and deploying a set of several tools, knowledge methodologies, and techniques such as: Digital intelligence and investigation; Algorithm for data elaboration; Knowledge management system; Data interoperability; Data and open sources intelligence; Artificial Intelligence.

Specific area of activity of the partner

The consortium is looking for partners, responding to the Eurostars definition of R&D-performing SME (please see: ).

Partners sought will be active in one of the following domains, to complete the knowledge base of the consortium:
• Knowledge management system
• Data interoperability and integration
• Data open sources intelligence acquisition and management
• Artificial Intelligence

The partners should come from Eurostars member country different from Switzerland.

Task to be performed

SME 11-50,SME 51-250

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