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H2020: seeking SMEs with innovative water technologies

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A Spanish R&D institute is preparing a H2020CIRC-2(b)-2016-2017 proposal that aims to implement innovative treatment technologies for small-medium-scale industrial wastewater streams, closing the water cycle by increasing the efficiency of desalination and wastewater treatment plants, including recovery of energy and re-use of chemicals and nutrients. The institute seeks industrial SMEs (preferably not Spanish) with innovative technology demos for water management under the circular economy.


The R&D Institute is a public company that supports the Canary Islands’ R&D development with experience in developing and managing R&D&I projects with national and European funds.
The Water Department of the Institute is preparing a H2020 project; subcall CIRC-2-2016-2017 Project (Water in the context of the circular economy. (b) Towards the next generation of water systems and services; large scale demonstration projects (IA)).

The project is aimed at developing a demonstration and evaluation of innovative water management options on the Southeast County of Gran Canaria Island, one of the most innovative areas in terms of sustainability and technology in the Canary Islands. The project will expand the re-use of treated waste water, through the integration of eco-efficient water management in industrial processes, ensuring carbon neutral water services, and closing the water cycle by increasing the efficiency of desalination and WWT (wastewater treatment plants), including the recovery of energy and the re-use of chemicals and nutrients.

The small-medium scale industrial estate stablished in this County (food and drink industry, metalwork, laundries, stone-cutting, graphic art and printing industry, etc.) is a significant water user and a direct beneficiary of solution and innovative technologies and services that enable more sustainable water management (reduction of the current water consumption and reuse).

The Institute seeks industrial SMEs, preferably no Spanish, with demos of innovative methods and technologies, with Technology Readiness Level - TRL, from TRL5 (Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment) to TRL9 (Actual system proven through successful mission operations) to address the following broad lines of action:

- Brine from the desalination plant (supplying 33,000 m3/day with 68% recovery rate): energy issues and recovery as a by-product.

- By-products from sewage sludge (i.e. phosphorus): efficient ways to extract these, turning waste into a valuable and renewable resource, creating new opportunities for companies and reducing its impact on the environment. (WWTP wastewater treatment plant 18,000 m3/day).

- Innovative treatment technologies for fish-products small-industry wastewater stream (high salt content, high organic matter, oil and grease, ammonia in their wastewater).

- Innovative treatment technologies demos for small-scale industrial wastewater streams, unlocking barriers for their recycling and reuse. The goal is to demonstrate on an small industrial scale how process-water can be reused selecting the right water treatment and management processes and systems

- Water management ICT tools following circular economy purposes and new generation of water systems and services.

- Innovative treatment technologies demos for citizens direct application.

These innovative solutions should be in line with the objectives of the circular economy, contributing to the challenges of a depletion of raw materials (e.g. through the recovery of resources from waste water) and climate change (reducing energy needs or producing energy).

Stage of Development: Proposal under development.
The Institute is negotiating for partnership with institutions from EU countries that are specialized for research projects in water sector.

Deadline for first stage applications: 07 March 2017
Deadline for expressions of interest: 10 February 2017
The project is planned to be realized within 3-4 years

Development phase

Proposal under development

Specific area of activity of the partner

The R&D Institute is looking for SMEs (preferably no Spanish), with TRL5- TRL9 and small-medium-scale innovative solutions in line with the objectives of the circular economy to address the lines of action: Water management ICT tools, Water re-use demonstration, etc.

Task to be performed

SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250

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