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Russian manufacturer of optical devices and components is looking for partners abroad to collaborate under manufacturing agreement.

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The Russian research and production company, which designs and manufactures optical components, is ready to act as a contract manufacturer and produce equipment and components according to the specifications of the partner under manufacturing agreement.


The Russian company from St.Petersburg is a developer and manufacturer of optical equipment and components for science and industry. The company was founded by scientists from one of the best technical Universities in the country in 1994. Since the foundation the company is acting in the international optics market exporting from 57% to 97% of its products in different years in a total of 42 countries (Europe, America, Asia, Australia).

The company employs 5 PhDs; there are patents for inventions, articles in scientific journals and conference presentations. Scientific and engineering staff is presented by graduates of the leading Universities of the country. The company participates in 6-7 international exhibitions in Russia, Europe, Asia and America annually.

The company occupies about 1300 sq.m. of space. A production area is divided into three sections: production of optical components, section of optical coating, section of production of devices. The main products of the company are:

- optical components (lenses, windows, prisms, mirrors, beams dividers, dividers of the spectrum, the radiation polarizers, wave plates made from various types of optical glass, sapphire, crystalline quartz, plastics, germanium, silicon, etc. Some details are made with optical coatings: anti-reflecting, reflecting, dividing, conductive, diamond-like);
- instruments and devices (golay cell, electro-optical detector, thermo-acoustic detector, cut-off and band-pass terahertz filters etc.) Some products of the company are manufactured in close cooperation with public enterprises and institutions.

The company is looking for partners - manufacturers of scientific and industrial equipment in the fields of spectroscopy, pyrometry, thermography, terahertz photonics, metrology - to cooperate under manufacturing agreement. In the framework of the agreement the partner will order optical equipment and components production under certain specifications and then use this equipment and components for own operation. The Russian company will develop and produce the necessary goods according to the partner's requirements and specifications.

As the result of cooperation the Russian company wants to expand its market share and participation in its partners value chains. The potential partner will recieve cost-effective R&D works and manufacturing of optical equipment and components on the production facilities of the Russian company.

Innovative Aspects and Main offer advantages

For manufacturing a high technological product the company uses innovative patented technologies and constantly cooperates with research institutions. The company has over 20 years of international cooperation experience. The company certifies its products according to the international standards (ISO 9001). The company is a member of the European Optical Society and the International Society for Optical Engineering.

Development phase

Already on the market

Industrial Property Rights comments

Patents for inventions in Russia were received in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Collaboration Type

Manufacturing agreement

Specific area of activity of the partner

Type: SMEs, large companies, research institutions, Universities. Sphere: development and production of instruments for scientific and industrial use. Role: transfer development and production of optical components by specifications to the Russian company

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