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A French SME is looking for big data and web development specialists plus an industrial end-user for a Eurostars project on acquisition and data treatment for predictive analysis of industrial processes.

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A French SME, expert in process engineering, is preparing a Eurostars project to be submitted on the 17.09.17. The aim of the project is to develop a service of early detection of failures and predictive analysis in process industry. The SME is looking for one (or more) SME(s) specialised in acquisition and treatment of mass data and if possible in web application development.
The French company is also looking for an end-user (SME or large company) who could test the services developed.


In process industry, failures on processes and equipment are often detected thanks to an alarm from the monitoring system, an automation equipment or even a local sensor. When the alarm is triggered, the responsible mechanism has generally already reached a significant development stage. Productivity losses or even production shutdowns could occur if the issues are not rapidly solved.
In order to reduce these risks and ensure that plants are running productively, the French SME – expert in process engineering – aims at providing a service of early detection of these failures & predictive analysis.
Based on the modelling of actual data from the equipment and the corresponding process, the objective of this service is not only to prevent from failures but also to operate the process beyond actual limitations (for instance by readjusting the thresholds, by anticipating the maintenance operations, etc.) and to aware operators of deviations of optimal process.
The development of this complete service involves four phases:
1. Acquisition and transmission of actual operational data from the equipment and process;
2. Treatment of the data and development of the corresponding model;
3. Validation of the data driven approach and its corresponding model by early deviations detections;
4. Web application for the accessibility of the data and results to the industry.
The objective of the project is to develop this service and to implement one or several Proofs of Concept with identified industry(ies) allowing the transfer of actual operational data to the consortium in the aim of analysing and improving their process equipment / utilities performance.

Several competencies are currently missing in the consortium. The following partners are sought to complete the consortium:

- one or more SME specialised in acquisition and treatment of mass data and if possible in Web application development
- an end-user, SME or Large company, which could test the service.

Estimated duration: 24 months
call dead line: 17.09.2017
Deadline for EoIs: 15.05.2017

Specific area of activity of the partner

The french coordinator of the project is looking for partners to complete the following roles:
- One or more SME(s) as technological partners with competencies in:
• Acquisition and transmission of data (monitoring and data from the processes)
• Analysis and treatment of mass data (data from processes, mathematical correlation...
• Web application development (graphic interface for the client/operator to direct access of the information (on smartphone, laptup, digital tablet...))

- Industrial partner which could test the service developed in the project: SMEs are firstly targeted but Large industry could also be considered.

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