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The Slovak SME with 25 years of experiences in the waste water treatment is looking for manufacturing agreement

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The Slovak company which is testing and developing membrane modular filtration system with the high degree of waste water treatment is looking for the European and non-european business partners for manufacturing agreement.


The Slovak company was established in 1990 and nowadays is active in the foreign markets in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. The company has 25 years of experiences in the waste water treatment, development and testing membrane modular filtration system where removed sedimentation tank and replaced it with waste water filtration through the membrane.

In terms of manufacturing agreement, the company is looking for business partners to manufacture and service the membrane waste water treatment up to 2000 PE - population equivalent. Cooperation will be based on its technical and technological base. Potential partners should search investors and based on the design department support and its supplies partners will also perform implementation. The Waste Water Treatment Plants (“WWTP”) operation is based on the on-line connection between the investor and supplier with the process control (management process) from the supplier.

Its production program consists of: plastic products (shafts, tanks, sump), technological units (grease separators, oil separators, pumping stations, flow measurement), technological systems (WWTP – residential, container and municipal, WWTP with membrane modular filtration system, WWTP´s reconstructions, aerating system, lamellar dehydrator, automatic station for pumping-in of delivered sewage water, automatic control system) and services (design, WWTP operating, technical and technological service, operating rules, assessment, rental pumping station, montage of piping systems and technology).

The membrane modules filtrate treated wastewater in the process of cleaning and so it replaces the sedimentation tank. The membrane is a product that provides the biological treatment process of the sludge substrate separation, so that the sludge remains in the process and treated waste water flows into the recipient or it is taken for re-use as the grey water. The regulatory system is solved so that the membrane works fully automatic, including chemical recovery based on the readings of data through feedback from the investors´ dispatching centre. The biological wastewater treatment plant is closed process on a small area which is working on an adjustable automatic mode under control.

Compared to conventional wastewater treatment plant is the wastewater treatment plant area reduced by half, it works in automatic - standby mode. The operator makes the control, he eliminates the excess sludge and rakings. The outlet water can be used as the service/ grey.

Innovative Aspects and Main offer advantages

Delivery of the technological system in container with the ready prepared connecting on the waste water inlet and outlet with reuse of the treated waste water, starting from 10 up to 2 000 population equivalent. Effective solution for high-rise residential buildings, condominium, shopping centres in order to re-use treated waste water as service/grey water. Provision of technological and technical support in the design, installation and servicing abroad.

Development phase

Already on the market

Industrial Property Rights

Secret know-how

Industrial Property Rights comments

Currently company works on the protection of IPR.

Collaboration Type

Manufacturing agreement

Specific area of activity of the partner

Company with running business in the waste water treatment.
Technological company or/and design company for international cooperation trough manufacturing agreement. The extent of the agreement will be decided based on the technical and technological capabilities of the partner. Potential partners should search investors and based on the design department support and its supplies partners should also perform implementation of the products.

Task to be performed

SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250

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