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EUREKA: Development of blind-type solar equipment for generating electricity

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A Korean SME has developed sub-module of slit installation for generating electricity. The sub-module uses solar energy and the equipment for generating electricity uses the biggest surface of the building; walls and glasses. With this technology they can overcome view, shades, and temperature matters. They wish to develop the sub-module with European expertise in the field of cell and sub-module. EUREKA: Eurogia2020 is considered for application in 2017.


A Korean SME specializes in solar energy equipment; plan, design sub-module, embedded system, and applying smart factory. The company has developed and manufactures a blind-type device tracking solar energy with embedded system. The system tracks the angle of sunlight and keep the inside having shades. Above all, the system helps secure outside scenery from inside the building and also protect privacy keeping internal view from outside.

The company is preparing for a EUREKA project; development of blind-type solar equipment for generating electricity. Proposed project has aim to develop sub-module for slit installation.

The roles of consortium are as follows:
The project partners will develop sub-module using two materials: 1) CIGS(Cu, In, Ga, Se2) cells, 2) Silicon. Korean SME will develop blind-type solar equipment for generating electricity that will match with newly developed sub-module. They will develop the product type that will be certified in Korea as well as abroad. The product type will include tracking software for blind-type solar control equipment.

Expectation effectiveness:
- Reducing time and space; the cost of producing the additional sub-module can be decreased which will lead to the less time spent to recover the investment cost.
By having the cooperation with European partners, they can 1) suggest alternative solutions for nuclear energy and thermo-electric power plan, 2) build balanced solar energy eco-system as well as revitalize smart grid, 3) develop new market for solar module, 4) contribute self-reliance energy by supplying smart factory.

Deadline for EOI: 1 October 2017
Deadline for Call: 27 November 2017
Project duration: 150 weeks

Innovative Aspects and Main offer advantages

- Suggest substitutional ideas for nuclear and thermoelectric power plant.
- Revitalize smart grid and build balanced eco-system(or platform business) for solar energy
- Develop new market for solar energy module(or sub-module)
- Contribute smart factory to countries around and develop self-reliance energy
- With embedded system, it creates comfort atmosphere with generating efficiency, view, and room temperature.
- Avoid getting shadows from blind-type equipment: the slit of blind will track the angle of sunlight and will adjust the slit to soak as much as sun.

Development phase

Project already started

Industrial Property Rights comments

Patent applied in South Korea

Specific area of activity of the partner

Type of partner sought
- SME, Research institute, universities

Specific area of activity of the partner
- Developers for solar cell and sub-module. Manufacturers for energy storage system and smart factory.

Task to be performed
- Manufacture and develop sub-module for installation of blind-type slit.

Task to be performed

SME 51-250

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