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A Taiwanese manufacturer is searching for agents or distributors worldwide for its fibre optical posts

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A Taiwanese manufacturer specialises in fibre optical dental posts that enable the curing light to pass deep down to the root apex during the root canal practices. The fibre optical posts assure the efficiency of both the light transmission and the bonding outcome.

The company offers commercial agency agreements or distribution agreements for experienced regional agents or distributors to establish a long-term partnership.


The Taiwanese company used to be one of the US military suppliers of key components of defence systems such as sapphire wafers, satellites and missiles, anti-radiation materials and so on. In 2010, the company accidentally found that its high-end technology and high-quality manufacturing standard could apply in the dentistry field. After identifying its new idea could contribute positive changes and its technology could have much more potential in the area, it decided to adjust its business direction— started dedicating into the dentistry. It has been 7 years since the company developed and produced its first exclusive dental implant material— fibre optical dental post. Today, the posts are designed in Taiwan, the headquarters and manufactured in the United States, where the factories are.

Compared to rivals’ dental posts, made of glass or metal, the fibre optic dental posts are thermally-coated with optical glass cladding and made of non-corrosive, biocompatible material. Its construction is 70% fibre reinforce (10-15 millimetre (mm) fibres) and 30% epoxy resin. Its tensile strength is attributed to the uniform distribution of the fibre in matrix. This cylindrical-shaped and tapered fibre unit contributes the complete transparency, allowing the curing light to pass through the circular cross-section in a focused way. Different from other posts, the beam will not scatter but be forced in the acceptance angles to totally internally reflect and transmit deep down to the root apex. The level of intensity of light energy decides the efficiency of root canal practices and the effectiveness of the bonding strength. The higher intensity will optimise the outcomes of the root canal surgeries. It does not only simplify the complex procedures and save surgical time but also significantly improves the bonding effectiveness of adhesive cements to proper taper to the posts.

This company has built a solid customer base in Germany and the United States with exclusive representation agreements. Currently, it wishes to expand into other countries where it seeks competent agents or distributors in dental business.

Innovative Aspects and Main offer advantages

The fibre optic dental post has the following strengths and innovative points that any potential agents, distributors, clinics, hospitals, etc. may consider to work with the company.

1. The composition is 70% optical fibre, 30% epoxy resin, 100% biocompatibility. In the current market, the majority of dental posts are composed of hard materials such as titanium or glasses. In the long run, the hard material leads to discomfort, other normal tooth damage, the stress of lower jaw or even worse, the jaw bone deposition and/or the occurrence of inflammation of the oral joint problems.

2. The mechanical properties: the modulus of elasticity is 17 gigapascal (GPa) low, the facture strength is lower than 1,200 mega-pascal (MPa), the tensile strength is lower than 1,600 mega-pascal (MPa), and virtually eliminating root facture.

3. The X-ray visibility: the X-ray appearance is clear to identify the position of the spot accurately.

4. The light transmission: the maximum curing light energy can deep down to the root apex both reducing the light treatment time and enhancing the bond strength of adhesive cements to root canal, the apex (tip). In brief, time-saving dental solution to the complex procedure and the optimization of the light delivery to assure appropriate taper to posts.

Development phase

Already on the market

Collaboration Type

Commercial agency agreement
Distribution services agreement

Specific area of activity of the partner

This company wishes to work with experienced agents, distributors in the dental, orthodontic, medical or any relevant sectors who have or can have a well-developed network in the public and/or private dental surgeries as well as dental healthcare markets.

With the established network of contacts, the partner shall work with commitment to quality of services for potential customers and organisations and to the quantity of products— 1,000 boxes, 10 pieces per box for the first year.

The company already signed exclusive sales representation in both Germany and the United States. Now it is hoped to penetrate new marketplaces and collaborate worldwide.
In return, the company will provide full support and expect long-term partnership with their local territories.

Task to be performed

SME 11-50,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250

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