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German manufacturer of sustainable water treatment devices using ultraviolet light is looking for distributors and commercial agents

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A German company has a long tradition in the production of water treatment products. Some of the products are devices using rays of ultraviolet light to sanitize water without chemicals in private households, in yachts and caravans or all types of swimming pools and ponds. For those sustainable devices, the German firm is looking for distributors and commercial agents under a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.


The company has been specialising in the manufacturing of devices for water treatment for over 25 years.
One product line uses rays of ultraviolet light to sanitize water up to drinking water quality. Germs, viruses and other microorganisms are safely eliminated during the process without the use of chemicals.

This ultraviolet line of products can be used by individuals as well as companies. It is widely declined, from small capacity for drinking water sources over safe drinking water on household level and water treatment in yachts and caravans up to very large swimming pools and ponds.

The different devices offer for example:
- Powerful long-term treatment, removing particles and pollutants and disinfecting the water
- Water treatment in filter systems
- Intelligent circuit
- Function display
- Compact design
- Algae free ponds and pools through sustainable treatment
- Up to 6 or 10 bar operating pressure
- Also available for 12 or 24 Volt DC

The devices are mostly used where drinking water quality is not secured or where swimming pools are widely in use. The are sustainable, secure, fast and economic.

The concept of UV-sanitation is well developed, yet consumers are often not aware of it, limiting the marketing of this line of products. Therefore, the German company is looking for local distributors to raise awareness and actively sell the products.
It is seeking distributors and commercial agents under a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.

Innovative Aspects and Main offer advantages

- The emphasis of the company lays on the high quality of the products. Consequently the reactor is entirely made out of inox (Stainless steel 1.4404), as are all connectors.
- The nozzle, protecting the bulb from impurity in the water current, is locked in an additional fixture.
- As the company has their own production facilities, adaptions to the products can be integrated based on special requests.
- They have an evolving portfolio of products and actively work on the development of new ones to add to the list.
- The products are designed and manufactured in Germany. made to a high EU and German standard.
- Own branded products
- The company run projects in Africa.

Collaboration Type

Commercial agency agreement
Distribution services agreement

Specific area of activity of the partner

The German company is seeking distributors and commercial agents under a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.

Potential partners should be distributors of water treatment or related products or be active in this industry or supply chain. The ideal partner will have some experience in the sector and may already be distributing products which complement those of the German firm such as: heating systems, boilers and solar panels, plumbing, water quality improvement products and pipe systems.

The partner would be required to market the products, help install the system or work with approved installers and provide the end-user with information about the product and any offers. Customer support would start with the initial installation and be followed up by any necessary maintenance.

The German company will provide full training and technical consultancy regarding the products to both the distributor and any installation team. It is looking for a long-term collaboration with reliable partners and expects from the cooperation the access of its ultraviolet light line of products to new markets.

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