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EUROSTARS proposal: Monitoring and protection system for critical wired and wireless communication infrastructures.

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A German research institution and a German SME are preparing a proposal for the next Eurostars cut-off date.They both are experienced in the development of key technologies adaptive systems and offer innovative systems solutions. To conclude the consortium they are looking for an SME who are interested to participate as a project partners for an EUROSTARS proposal in the scope of critical communication systems.


Currently, root-cause and connectivity status analysis are lacking. Therewith,it is:
- harder to predict and forewarn about disasters
- troubleshooting is harder in case of failure
- there are increased downtimes

Another problem is that current signature-based intrusion detection methods do not protect against zero-day attacks and anomaly-based intrusion detection generates a high number of ‘false positives’ and is not immune to malicious attacks posing as normal data. Additionally, intrusion prevention techniques affect availability of communication infrastructure, which is contradictory to the requirements of applications with high availability requirements.

So there is a need to develop:
- to develop an integrated or stand-alone, distributed network monitoring and protection system against connectivity problems and security threads in critical wired and wireless communications systems
- to create intelligent monitoring and diagnosis for timely detection of connectivity failures and security threats, through as well as machine learning algorithms and fingerprinting, event forensics etc.
- to develop and validate prevention mechanisms mitigating the failures or threats while preserving the network availability

Partners are sought who are interested to work together on the vision to create a permanent monitoring, diagnosis, mitigation and the prevention of connectivity problems as well as security threats. Possible approaches are, e.g. improved communication software stacks, a software solution present on the host communication device, dedicated network monitoring devices and a solution that is implemented on stand-alone monitoring device.

The German institution will support the German SME, that is acting as a lead partner and will prepare in close cooperation with the project partners the proposal for the Eurostars programme.

Now they are looking for cooperation with SME who want to support the idea and are interested in a 3 years partnership (156 weeks). Expertise in EU-projects and know how of respective content is prerequisite.

The call deadline is on 14th September 2017. Expressions of Interest can be sent until 07th September 2017.

Development phase

Concept Stage

Type of partner sought

Suppliers of network/monitoring and analytics systems, for network component and/or operators of communication infrastructure are sought.

Specific area of activity of the partner

The client is looking for partnership with SME located in Eurostars funded countries, that experienced in at least one of the following fields:
- Suppliers of network/monitoring and analytics
Systems (to access new markets; for extension/broadening of
product portfolio)
- Network component suppliers ( to improve customer experience through higher network availability and reduced maintenance costs)
- Operators of communication infrastructure ( to prevent infrastructure failures and/or minimize downtimes)
- System integrators and troubleshooters (to improve customer experience and/or to increase profitability through remote troubleshooting)

Beside having the know how in one of the above mentioned fields and in European project management, the potential partner should be interested in a joint research and development activity.

Task to be performed

SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250

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