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Radiation sensor

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A Belgian company has developed a miniaturised sensor to measure continuously radiation. The company is seeking industrial partner for technical cooperation or licensing of the technology.


The kinds of detectors commonly used for measuring radiation can be categorized as:
• Gas filled detectors: Ionization chambers, Geiger-Mueller counter, …
• Scintillation detectors: Photodiode, Photomultiplier, …
• Solid-state detectors
The choice of a particular detector type for an application depends upon the energy range of interest and the application's resolution and efficiency requirements.
The Belgian company developed a new high sensitivity scintillation detector. This high-resolution sensor is designed to detect gamma rays in laboratory environment.
The company is looking for a partner able to sell the technology on his market (licence agreement).
The company is also open to help a start-up willing to create a new product. The interested partner will receive a technical support for eventual technical upgrades of the technology ( (technical agreement).

Innovative Aspects and Main offer advantages

The proposed technology is low cost and has a very high resolution/size ratio. The way of designing the device allows creating an efficient and robust solution even for niche markets. The developed technology is manufactured internally and based on off-the-shelf electronic components selected by the design team. The company is thus able to provide all support for development and production of small quantities and helps to select the best partner for higher volumes.

Development phase

Already on the market

Development phase comments

The technology has already proved its performances in one particular market. Different users of the technology could be available for feedback and discussion.

Industrial Property Rights

Secret know-how

Collaboration Type

License Agreement

Specific area of activity of the partner

Partners sought:
Any industrial partners needing to detect gamma rays.
Possible applications fields:
Monitoring of Dynamic Radiological Conditions
Role of the partner: integrate the technology in his product or develop new products

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